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Riser Just as its smaller brother, the  POSEIDON Oversized , the  RISER  is... more


Just as its smaller brother, the POSEIDON Oversized, the RISER is the logical further development of our since many years successful ultralight MTB bars HERA and POSEIDON, both of which had still come with the traditional bar clamp Diameter of 25.4 mm.

The gathered experience have 1:1 been incorporated into the construction of the RISER, however in new appearance with a clamping diameter of 31.8 mm. Just as its predecessors the RISER featues a load-bearing capacity optimized design with variable wall thicknesses and internal butting over its complete length up into the bar's ends. Thanks to this not only the last ounce of weight is being teased out. but at the same time it also yields an extraordinary amount of damping - without affecting its high stiffness. It has already easily and with flying colours proven its capabilities both in endurance testing in the lab as well in practice in the MTB WorldCup.


For the RISER only premium-quality UD fibre material is being utilized; the clamping section for the stem clamp has in addition also been roughened and reinforeced in order to securely attach it to the stem and tolerate the looking force of the stem. The bar's ends are specifically reinforced in order to allow for the use of bar ends. This also is the reason why the bars must not be shortened. You are given the choice of ten different widths in 20 mm steps, so that every requirement should easily find its perfect bar.


Bar width: 600 mm, 620 mm, 640 mm, 660 mm, 680 mm, 700 mm, 720 mm
Bar sweep:
Bar widths 600 mm, 620 mm, 640 mm, 660 mm, 680 mm, 700 mm, 720 mm Bar angle... more
Bar widths 600 mm, 620 mm, 640 mm, 660 mm, 680 mm, 700 mm, 720 mm
Bar angle 8 degrees
Bar clamp diameter 31,8 mm
Bar end compatibility yes
Cut to length no
Material 100 % Carbon Prepreg, internally butted
Stem clamp torque max. 4 Nm
Instruments clamp torque max. 4 Nm
Bar ends max. 4 Nm
Intended use MTB Cross-Country
Rider weight limit 100 kg
Finish UD
Weight (+/- 5 %) 80 - 120 g
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