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ax-lightness 4200 Ergo

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ax-lightness 4200 Ergo: Rigid for sprinting, comfortable and super light! Make good... more

ax-lightness 4200 Ergo: Rigid for sprinting, comfortable and super light!

Make good things even better; that’s what drives our engineers anew every day! Each of our ax-lightness products is hand-crafted in our state-of -the-art plant in Duderstadt.

The 4200 Ergo is the rumored wolf in sheep's clothing. Thanks to a further optimised layup it has increased in strength and stability while reducing weight by more than 5%.

Besides its sensational weight of a feathery 157 grams, the 4200 Ergo especially appeals with its modern and very comfortable Ergo geometry. This combines a very short reach of only 66 mm with a compact drop of 128 mm. This allows racers to get into a very ducked, aerodynamic position when being in the hoods without having to make compromises in the drops. At the same time the comfort-orientated rider is able to find a comfortable position on the top of the bars without having to reach down too low and uncomfortably to the drops. The bend of the bar was deliberately designed to be very harmonious in order to make the transition from the hoods into the drops more fluent, to offer additional variations in the drops and to be able to still easily reach the brake-/shift levers at any time. The geometry has been specially optimized for modern brake-/shifter levers from Shimano, Sram and Campagnolo.
The oval top of the bars offers less drag for the wind and improves grip comfort. The flat design also makes it possible to support the forearms similar to riding with extensions and to cruise in a particularly aerodynamic position.

All housings and cables from electronic drivetrains are routed visually tidy and aerodynamically optimized inside of the handlebar. Thanks to its completely hollow construction, Shimano's Junction Box EW-RS910 can also be used inside the handlebar end without further modification. The handlebar tape can either be installed only in the drops up to the brake-/shift levers or alternatively completely wrapped over the top of the bars.

Thanks to its tapering down to the conventional clamping dimensions of 31.8 mm to the left and right of the clamping area, the 4200 Ergo is compatible with all conventional stems and also allows the use of so-called FrontOut computer mounts. A roughened clamping surface prevents the bar from slipping and easily copes with the clamping forces.

The 4200 Ergo is exclusively made from high-quality carbon prepreg materials from European production in our factory in Duderstadt in elaborate manual work under specially controlled climatic conditions. This is the only way to maximize the performance of the fiber. The visible surfaces are made with UD fibers, while the bend and drops feature strategically placed fabric reinforcements of 1K and 3K cloth material, to better distribute compressive forces, e.g. from the clamping of the shift-/brake levers. Around the cable ducts, the handlebar is reinforced with additional fabric patches to prevent tearing of the UD structure.
Thanks to the controlled production in the clean room, we can also pass on additional coatings, e.g. painting and thus save additional weight and make the surface more resistant. A specially formulated UV-resistent resin system prevents a reaction under sunlight exposure.

Its sophisticated layup not only makes the handlebar particularly light, but also extremely stable. The 4200 Ergo easily exceeds the common test standards and makes the one or other lightweight aluminum stem look very old in comparison. The special use of the fiber material is evident in its noteable damping characteristics. This makes the 4200 Ergo a very good choice for use on comfort-oriented racing bikes, cyclocross or gravel bikes. World-class sprinters like Robert Förstemann also trust the qualities of our 4200 Ergo.

Bar width drop (center-center): 400 mm, 420 mm, 440 mm
Bar clamp diameter: 31,8 mm
Reach (center-center): 66 mm
Drop (center-center): 128 mm
Stem clamp surface width: 45,2 mm
Cable routing: Di2 EW-RS910 compatible, Internal
Top of bars: Ergo
Material: 100 % carbon prepreg, internally butted
Finish: UD with 3K reinforcements
Instruments clamp torque: 4 Nm
Stem clamp torque: 4 Nm
Intended use: Gravel, Road
Rider weight limit: 100 kg
Bar sweep:
Weight (+ / - 5 %): 157 g
All specifications and prices listed are subject to change without notice.
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