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ax-lightness Endurance Leather

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ax-lightness Endurance Leather The new edition of our classic! Once... more

ax-lightness Endurance Leather

The new edition of our classic!

Once specially designed and manufactured for a well-known German Tour de France champion, the ax-lightness Endurance still lives up to its name today.

Thanks to its homogeneous shape combined with a width of 135 mm, the ax.Endurance is a real all-rounder: it fits almost all bikes and every anatomy. The saddle cover, which is pulled down far over the side, minimizes chances of chafing even with wide thighs.

The shape with a slightly hanging mid section supports the rider offers him a natural hold without pressure points and thus the most comfortable and optimally supported sitting position.

Thanks to its intelligent construction and layup based on our decades of experience in carbon saddle construction, the balancing act is accomplished between lightness and maximum flex. The ax.Endurance is made of high quality carbon prepreg material from European production. The layup takes place in elaborate manual work in the clean room and the saddles cured according to aviation standard in autoclaves.

The complex, strictly controlled production and the use of special UV-resistant resin systems allow us to manufacture the saddles without further painting. This makes the ax.Endurance saddle surface significantly more robust.

All these steps help to turn a special product into an extraordinary product!

The new edition of the ax.Endurance is also upgraded with our further improved and even more stable monocoque saddle rails with slightly trapezoidal, ovally oversized rails and thus still offers the ideal symbiosis of lightness, top aesthetics and extreme comfort values.

As Leather version the ax Endurance features a recess over its complete shell in which a piece of synthetc leather is precisely worked into the surface. This results in a completely flat saddle surface without unpleasant transitions. The natural adhesion of the leather enables a non-slip surface. The carbon framed shell offers a very noble appearance. The leather surface is available in black or white.

Handmade by ax-lightness in Duderstadt, Germany and with a rider weight limit of a whopping 100 kg regardless of road bike, gravel bike or XC mountain bike the ax.Endurance tips the scale at just 102 g.


Dimensions: 279 x 135 x 64 mm
Saddle shell: Full Carbon Prepreg
Saddle rails: Carbon 7 x 9 mm vertically oval
Carbon finish: 3K
Saddle cover: Synthetic leather
Saddle cover colours: black, white
Intended use: Cyclocross, Gravel, MTB XC, Road
Rider weight limit: 100 kg
Weight (+ / - 5 %): 102 g
All specifications and prices listed are subject to change without notice.
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Customer evaluation for "ax-lightness Endurance Leather"
18 Jan 2023

Ich hatte in meinem Leben (bin 83 fahre seit 10. Lebensjahr) schon sehr viele Sättel, aber dieser war der bequemste, beste , und fuer lange Strecken weitaus geeignetste , den ich je hatte! Sehr empfehlenswert!

Siehe oben, das beste, was ich je hatte, auch fuer lange Strecken , rutscht nicht und ist einfach tadellos!

26 Jun 2021

For me the go to saddle

I have been trying out different types of saddle for 20 years. The original Tune Speedneedle, Giant Cadex and the Leaf with or without a neoprene saddle cover. In the end this saddle (the Endurance Leather) is the only saddle that is comfortable for me without a saddle cover. The flatter leaf cuts into my thighs in my seating postion and is too wide for my sit bones.
I own two of these saddles now and stopped looking for alternatives, need I say more.
With carbon rails, (faux) leather to prevent slipping and being lightweight it ticks all the boxes for me. They stopped making them a couple of years ago and the moment they were back in production I stocked up!
Keep up the good work!

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