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ax-lightness Leaf II 3K

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ax-lightness Leaf II 3K ca. 80 g / Leaf Leder ca. 112 g / Leaf Leder Plus ca. 118 g We are... more

ax-lightness Leaf II 3K ca. 80 g / Leaf Leder ca. 112 g / Leaf Leder Plus ca. 118 g

We are proud to present the next evolutionary stage of the super comfortable ax-lightness Leaf saddle.

The Leaf II has no cut-out in the seat, which gives it greater strength and a permissible rider weight of 115 kg.

Our maxim was to retain the highly acclaimed features of the Leaf. The further development concentrated mainly on the monocoque saddle frame with 7x9mm saddle rails, whose special fibre arrangement ensures a more even load distribution. The saddle frame is compatible with most seat posts without modification. For seatposts with lateral frame clamping, separate clamping kits for oversize saddle racks are usually available separately from the seatpost manufacturer.

The saddle cover, on the other hand, remains unchanged and therefore has excellent flex. Extremely flat and wide, the ax.Leaf is ergonomically designed for sporty riding positions. The perineum-relieving cut-out promotes blood circulation and offers maximum comfort even in extreme riding positions. With its purist appearance, it can demonstrate its capabilities both on the road and in cross-country use.

The approved rider weight is unique in its weight class, because despite its low weight of just 80 g, the ax.Leaf II is certified according to ISO / EN standards and is approved for riders weighing up to 115 kg.

The Leather II Plus version / approx. 118 g
The Plus version combines the technical style of the Leaf with a full leather cover and padding in the seat area. The saddle cover laminated especially for the Plus version has indentations in the padding area to ensure that the padding inserts are held perfectly in place. The inserts are made exclusively from high-quality sponge rubber.

The Leaf II leather version / approx. 112 g
The full leather version combines the lightweight of a carbon saddle with a high-quality full leather look.


Material: Full carbon 3K
Weight: approx. 80 g
Width: 140 mm
Length: 265 mm
Frame / clamping: 7 x 9 mm
Permissible rider weight: 115 kg

Dimensions: 265 x 140 x 54 mm
Saddle shell: 100% Carbon with Aramid rovings
Saddle rails: Carbon 7 x 9 mm vertically oval
Range of adjustment: 75 mm
Carbon finish: 3K, UD
Intended use: Cyclocross, Gravel, MTB XC, Road
Rider weight limit: 100 kg
Weight (+ / - 5 %): 89 g
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