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Endurance Leather

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ax Endurance Leather – full leather version with carbon framed shell Thanks to its... more

ax Endurance Leather – full leather version with carbon framed shell

Thanks to its homogeneous shape in combination with its width of 135 mm the Endurance is a real all-arounder: That way it is well suited to about every bike and anatomy.

Originally especially developed for "DerKaiser" Jan Ullrich, the Endurance has earned its merits and is valued both amongst racers as well as recreational riders.

Thanks to its intelligent construction and sophisticated manufacturing the lightweight of 96 grams achieves levels of comfort that easily outshine those of saddles with triple or quadruple its weight and makes is fully long distance capable.

The saddles shells are individually laminated by hand and laboriously strengthened with strategically placed reinforcements to then be cured in the autoclave. This gives the saddle an incomparable resistence whilst keeping the greatest possible flexibility: A simple finger pressure test on the saddle shell easily reveals its nature as a comfort miracle. The saddle rails are formed by hand of individual carbon bundles and then melted to the shell as one piece. This allows the omission of glueing, joints or rivets and thus an unparalleled robustness. Only this allows the saddle as well as the rails to work together collaboratively and in harmony.


The rider weight limit of an ample 100 kg as well as its suitability for road bike as well MTB underline its technicak terstreichen seine technische pioneering role.


3K / UD saddles

Newly introduced for 2017 our saddles are available both in 3K cloth finish as well as in stealthy UD finish, so that for every taste and  bike the aesthetically perfect fit should be available.

The full leather version

Our Endurance full leather version is a completely new development for 2017.
As already the Plus version, the leather version not only resorts to the standard full carbon version and adds a partial leather cover. Instead we are laminating a completely new saddle shell specifically for the leather version that features a groove to accommodate the leather cover and thus realize a completely flush and smooth surface. The leather only extends on the top of the saddle shell in the seating area and thus shows off even more of the saddle's carbon platform which is available both in 3K or UD finish.

Carbon finish: 3K, UD
Dimensions (L x W x H) 279 x 135 x 54 mm Saddle shell 100% Carbon with... more
Dimensions (L x W x H) 279 x 135 x 54 mm
Saddle shell 100% Carbon with Aramid rovings
Saddle rails Carbon with Aramid reinforcements in clamping section
Saddle rail dimensions 8 mm, round
Range of adjustment 75 mm
Saddle cover Synthetic leather
Saddle cover colours black, white
Intended use Road, MTB
Rider weight limit 100 kg
Finish 3K or UD
Weiht (+/- 5 %) 97 g
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