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engage C55UD

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ax Selection Road wheelset
Freehub body ** 
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Customize your engage wheelset with coloured decals

Carbonschutzbrief (carbon contingency cover) 

Comprehensive Insurance for your wheelset.

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Note: The Carbonschutzbrief (carbon contingency cover) can only be taken out by customers with a German bank account. The premium is collected by the insurer on an annual basis.

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  • SW10111
engage C55UD High performance full carbon clincher at an entry level price! The... more

engage C55UD

High performance full carbon clincher at an entry level price!

The rims and hubs of the engage full carbon clincher C55UD are being produced in the Far East according to ax-lightness' specifications. The assembly of the wheelset however takes place at scene in the manufacturing site of the high-end carbon experts in Creußen near Bayreuth. This results in an absolutely reliable and extremely well-balanced wheelset that offers an undiluted riding sensation.

Especially tailored to the requirements of a full carbon clincher, the rims feature a high a pressure resistance. Their toroidal shape boosts their aerodynamic performance as well as lateral stiffness.

Scope of delivery: 

  • Wheelset,
  • 2 x Quick releases, 
  • 4 x Carbon brake pads
  • optional: Conti tire package incl. assembly 
Carbon finish: UD
Tire type: Clincher
Brake type: Rim brake
Rim depth: 55 mm
Rim width: 23 mm
Hubs: engage HRA-017
Axle standards front: Quick release
Axle standards rear: Quick release
Freehub body: Campagnolo, Shimano/SRAM
Spokes: DT-Swiss Aerolite, black
Nipples: DT-Swiss ProLock external
Spoke count: 20 front, 24 rear
Intended application: Road
Wheelset Road: engage C55UD
Rim type: Full carbon
Decal colour: black, bloodorange, fluo red, fluo yellow, magenta, royalblue, silver, weiß (Standard)
Tires: none, Tire package optional
Accessories: Brake pads (4 pcs)
Weight: 1630 g / set (+/-3%)
Rider weight limit: 110 kg
With our Crash Replacement we offer a program that allows you to replace your damaged engage... more

With our Crash Replacement we offer a program that allows you to replace your damaged engage product at vastly discounted conditions. It gives the option to exchange your defective product against a discounted new or comparable other product. Upon claim we offer a discount of 40% in the first year and 30% in the second one. A change to a different model is not possible. This service is limited to the original owner and valid for two year and covers damage that compromise the functionality of the product. Damage that has been caused intentionally or is restricted to cosmetic issues are exempted. The service can only be used once within two years from the date of purchase. 

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