TOUR No. 5 2017 - German top racers tested

VIAL evo Ultra with test top rating of 1.7

The current May issue of Europe's biggest road bike magazine TOUR (No. 5 2017, available from 04/19/17) features a test of our 2017 Benotti VIAL evo Ultra - still and just as before handmade at ax-lightness in Creußen, Bavaria. The Ultra manages to convince with excellent stiffness values, top comfort values and decent aero properties in the test.

In the test "performance show-off" about the German art of engineering four "German high-flyers" line up:

  • Benotti VIAL evo Ultra
  • Canyon Ultimate CF Evo 10.0 LTD
  • Lightweight Urgestalt Disc
  • Storck Fascenario 3 Platinum G3

Whilst the other test bikes roots are limited to a German engineering with all of them being produced in the Far East, our VIAL evo Ultra is the only bike to actually being manufactured in Germany!

The test top rating of 1.7 underlines the class and performance of the VIAL evo Ultra and not at last that the "domestic manufacturers are a factor front and center".

Test results:

  • Weight5650g - lightest bike in the test
  • Aerodynamic drag226 W - second most aerodynamic bike of the test
  • Lateral stiffness101 Nm/degree- grade 1.0 (1.0 best, 5.0 worst)
  • Bottom bracket stiffness68 N/mm - grade 1.0
  • Fork stiffness54 N/mm - grade 1.0
  • Spring stiffness seatpost135 N/mm - grade 1.7

Overall rating: 1.7

+ very light, comfortable, aerodynamic wheels


* The 2017 version of the VIAL evo Ultra has been reinforced to make it even more robust, stiff and unsusceptible - a true racing machine! The bike is currently ridden by pro-team Bike Aid at the Tour of the Alps!
The new rear end now allows the use of wider tires.

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